Saturday, July 08, 2006

Christ loving voters

Election time is coming. I've been reading a lot of talk from democrats and about courting progressive and moderate Christians.

I don't really care about courting xtians. I'm not signing up for that movement. Sorry. I have no interest in doing a single thing to appease a group of people that follow a book calling from my death. Thanks but no thanks. Besides, there are more worthy books to follow if you need to do that. Pick up anything by Faulkner.

But, that's just for me, a gay. A more universal problem with spending time trying to win over moderate or progressive xtians is the time it takes away from discussing issues that actually matter. We don't have universal health-care, our education system is horrendous, our civil liberties are being eroded, there is no corporate accountability (>200X CEO vs. employee compensation - look it up), our ports aren't secure, poverty is increasing and wages are falling (see a previous post), ... more can be easily added.

And you know what? The last time I checked it isn't exactly a tribulation to be an American Christ worshiper. So, I'm moving on from giving a rat's ass about whether xtians come to the party. If a person is a progressive and a xtian, then they're likely to vote Democrat anyway. If they're "moderate" they're going to vote for the candidate presenting the strongest daddy figure.

In additon to all of that, it's usually pretty obvious to people when you you're pandering to them. Focus on offering alternative plans to fix what's gone wrong under the current party in power.