Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tasing Grandma

(updated below)
Police in Texas are standing behind a deputy's repeated taser attacks on an elderly great grandmother who was reportedly driving fifteen miles an hour over the speed limit in a construction zone.

Kathryn Windfein says she was driving to Austin for a twice weekly shopping trip when she was pulled over for speeding by a Travis County Constable deputy. She admits that she was speeding, but says the deputy's story about her "resisting arrest" and being "violent" is completely untrue.

In fact, while looking at the arrest report, she said, "I was not arguing and I was not combative. Everything in this is a lie."

This is not uncommon at all. The notion that police are honorable simply because they take an oath and wear a badge while supposedly "protecting' citizens is something out of the past, if it is even that. Police are people and people screw up, that is the way life goes.

And once in a while, a pastor or a great-grandmother or somebody more "unusual" is abused by police and the story comes forward.

In the comments of the article, the editor chimes in to make a point I don't think can be made enough. Mainstream media in the US has been hamstrung by a compulsion to present both sides of an issue as valid even when one side is clearly nonsense. The editor reminds us that there isn't another side to tasing a 72-year-old grandmother. It's sad that that needs to be written out loud.

The piece also embeds this news report on the incident:

The following news report contains some footage from the dashcam of the arresting cop's patrol car:

What a big, brave man!