Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Round Of Tasers For Everyone

And of course it's on the taxpayers!

San Diego and Sacramento will be arming their police with 291 and 180 new tasers, respectively. Taser expects to ship the devices in Q1. BTW, that link and most of the stories I found on this are pretty much just Taser International press releases. Smell the journamalism.

In Delaware, 100 troopers are being armed with tasers. The officials quoted in that linked story are singing the "tasers will replace guns" song, even though that's not necessarily the case.

Even the Dutch are thinking about getting in on the Taser act. Someone in the Netherlands should make their elected officials aware of the potential dangers of tasers to healthy people. The little article I link has a quote from a government official indicating some severe cluelessness. Seriously, there are plenty of taser-related links to the right. They're all good places to start.

Tasers for all! I'm betting that we'll soon be hearing about more naked 65-year olds being tased.