Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Taser Roundup

Each of the following items probably deserves its own post, but I'm putting them in a round-up format because, after blogging away the last long weekend when I told someone I wouldn't, I don't want to blog through this one. At any rate, here are some taser related items:
  • Michigan Lawmakers have introduced two bills that would allow citizens to carry tasers.
  • St. Paul Minnesota has ordered 230 tasers. That will give them a total of 370, one for every officer. Remember, this year's RNC is in St. Paul. The tasers will be delivered in time for it.
  • Some miscellaneous facts about Taser International (TI) are here. Among those facts is that over 260,000 devices have been sold by TI since 1998.
  • TI experienced doubled profits in Q4 last year, but its shares fell on Thursday on gross margins. The Motley Fool still loves TI though (and here).
  • I found the LED Incapacitator (or here, or here) recently as I was searching for taser related news. I wouldn't expect it to replace tasers; police really love seeing suspects twitch at the end of the taser lead. Technology replacing traditional law enforcement restraint techqniques is never a good option. The only person who should have the ability to use dizzying light is Dazzler, or maybe Dr. Light.
  • Finally, I've added a new site to my Tasers Suck links section to the right. It's a NewsVine collection called, "Taserwatch." Give it a read.