Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rough Ride

For several reasons, I wouldn't want to be a Taser International (TASR) shareholder. Putting aside being against people applying electrical current to each other willy-nilly (cause, you know, that's how tasers end up getting used), the stock's performance is pretty wild.

I keep reading taser fanboys assert that the company is solid, that everyone needs to relax and "go long," that the company has little debt, good leadership (Chortle, snort, I guess that's based on things like insiders buying tiny bits of stock), has beaten estimates, and that an untapped global market is just out there waiting. I wonder if by global market they mean places like Australia, where tasers are being greeted with public skepticism that wouldn't make me a comfortable shareholder (See excited-delirium).

Just how long will someone who bought Taser International shares a year ago, and is still holding, need to go? They've got a quite a loss to beat.

Of course, today could bring huge gains for TASR. But, it would need to be a big day indeed. One thing's for certain though. The ramblings of taser fanboys will continue. If only I could invest in that prospect!