Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Tasing Teens In The Back

Police in Florida tased two teens in the back last Thurday for running away after a high school brawl:
Students were throwing punches and ignored officers' commands to stop, according to the report. One officer tried to use pepper spray to break up two students, the report says.

Two students ran from police, the report says. The officers yelled several times, warning they would use their Taser stun guns if the students didn't stop.

The officers' Taser probes hit both fleeing students in the back. One was taken to Memorial Hospital West. Both were arrested and released to their parents.

Police did not release the names of the two students because they are juveniles. One was identified as a Flanagan High student, said Pembroke Pines Police Maj. David Golt.
As the article notes, this isn't the first time this department has tased children:
This is not the first time Pembroke Pines police used Taser stun guns on minors. In December 2004, Pembroke Pines police used the stun gun on a 12-year-old after the student got into a fight on a school bus and threatened to stab a student in the neck with a pencil. The 12-year-old also kicked and threatened a police officer.
Pembroke Pines residents must feel very safe with such brave officers protecting them.