Friday, June 27, 2008

TI Fun at Google Finance

The other day I read an interesting discussion titled, "predictions... how low will it go?" at Google Finance. Here are the messages, each dot is an individual's remark:
  • I say mid-4's, but we'll see......
  • Low 5's
  • I bought in at 7.00. what should I do? You think the ban on Tasers in
    canada will have a prfound effect?
  • I would have to say to hold on to the stock. They have had a rough couple of weeks, that's for sure! I don't know though, just be smart =)
  • There are MUCH better stocks out there to make money in, SELL TASR. Try ROYL,MPET,ENT. they are in the energy sector...guess which sector is making money NOW????? Don't be STUPID! Why wait??? Make money NOW!!!!
  • Yeah I know but I bought in at 7.00. I want it to recover even just a little bit so I can recover some of my losses then move on to better stocks!
  • I did buy this at 7.50 and I should have sold it when it went up a little bit. Bad me
  • What if it doesn't recover???? You will be down more!!! a 10% loss could turn into a 20% loss an so on!!!! Don't wait! TASR was once a MONSTER Stock, that's over!!!! Move on. Just trying to help!!!
  • Do you really think there is no chance for recovery right now with TASR? IF that is the case I would want to sell but I just cant tell with this stock!
  • It might say...1 year...5 years. if you want to hold it..go ahead. Are there earnings increasing? sales increasing? Their own director just sold 50000 shares...Not a good sign!!! Move on, bfore you lose more money. You want to invest in the STRONG sectors!!!
    It's that simple.
  • IT looks like this news gave it a little bit of run - TASER International announces receipt of various orders - Is this true or am I missing some thing!
  • What would you be missing? Seems clear to me... they booked orders from more than one department, one new client and other existing clients.
    If you all listened to the Q1 conference call, Taser informed us that most domestic municipal budgets aren't finalized until June, and therefore, most Q2 orders wouldn't happen until then. For what it's worth.
  • All you amateurs....If your stock drops 50%..It has to gain 100% just for you to break even! Sell stocks that drop,keep the ones that move high.
  • reddy - there is no ban on Tasers in Canada. As for the Director selling...that is no big deal. He was a person that put up seed money for the company and this is his SOP. He sells stock in one of his companies when he needs money. I just wanted to make sure everyone had the correct information. As for what to do with the stock...make up your own mind.
  • Yeah, I agree. Its strange that the whole market up marginally but this stock is still going down
And no, I didn't contribute to the thread; I don't own any TI stock and wouldn't pretend to.