Saturday, August 15, 2009

Go Taser International!

This is great news! Taser International (TI) is planning to file suit against the Braidwood inquiry findings. Among the reasons their lawyer cites:
The main concerns of the company, he said, are that the inquiry's rulings, announced last month, will place law enforcement and the public at greater risk.
It's awesome that TI cares so much about citizens and the police. I really, really hope that they pursue similar legal recourse in every country, state, city, and municipality that dares make negative findings against them public.

To date, TI has done a great job at keeping us safe by going after medical examiners (see here or here) who've implicated tasers in the deaths of suspects. Now they've stepped up their game and are going to take on a much bigger fish: The findings of an inquiry commissioned by a foreign government! Yay!

So, please TI, fight this good fight on as many fronts as you can, as frequently and aggressively as possible. I'm sure you're your legal team agrees with this tactic even if your shareholders won't.