Saturday, August 18, 2007

Deutsche Bank Building Burning

Stuart lives in a building directly next to the former Deutsche Bank Building. It was damaged on 9-11 and is in the process of being torn down. Right now (Aug. 18, 2007: 5:30pm) it's in the flames of a four-alarm fire. We're waiting to see if they evacuate our building. If they do, our dog WILL be going with us!!!

I have pics from about 45 minutes ago, taken as we came in from a walk. I'll post them in an update. Then the news called it a two-alarm fire. We saw things falling of the burning building.

Update (5:43pm): Albany street is yellow-taped on the west side of the West Side Highway at the World Financial Center. We are on the west side of the building away from the Deutsche Bank building.

Update (5:55pm): pictures from about an hour ago (Click for larger versions. Those are flames in the last one.).

(7:18pm): It's still burning and is now a five alarm fire. NY1 on the TV just said it looks as if it's not growing anymore though. I hope the early reports of critically injured firefighters is wrong. I also hope the local stations stop making 9-11 comparisons.

Update (7:50pm): I don't have much more information. But, I have some more pictures at Albany and West streets. I've been watching the police keep people from crossing the street and fromgetting too close to the building area. They're treating people very nicely, talking to them, answering questions (I'm presuming), and such. It was a very calm scene earlier when we were out there and, thankfully, it still looks that way.

Update (8:13pm): NY1 says two firefighters have died fighting what is now a six-alarm fire. What a shame. I hope no one else is hurt.

Update (9:14pm): I'm watching the press conference now on NY1. The story at their site is saying several building in the area have been evacuated. We're next door and we don't know about any evacuations.

Bloomberg is saying there's no danger of a collapse. He damn well better not be playing it cool, because now it's a seven alarm fire and growing according to the NY1 anchor.