Sunday, July 01, 2007

Crazy Saturday

Yesterday was a crazy day. Stuart and I went apartment hunting. I'll eventually blog about our experiences with NYC apartment brokers. For now, I'll leave it at saying that NYC is a frustrating place to find rentals (and it's not all due to volume).

But, the day was dotted with a few very cool things.

First, lunch at the
Merchant's Cafe was very tasty. The Cobb salad with chicken strips was really good and Stuart liked his BBQ grilled chicken sandwich.

Then, I took some overlapping photos and played with some free image stitching software,
AutoStitch, that seems to work better (without intervention capabilities) than Photoshop's Photomerge function.

Finally, dinner at the
Dodo Cafe was delicious. It's a relaxed little place with great organic food. The cashew hummus is decadent. If you go there and their homade brownies and ice cream are available, don't miss them!

The panoramas I assembled (click for larger versions):