Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Getting Over It
This is an update to my earlier post about Massachusetts state senator Scott (sexy man) Brown, Republican, angrily reading obscenities to high school students.

Brian McGrory of the Boston Globe tells us this is much ado about nothing and to "Get over it."

His column links the behavior of high school facebook users to the evils of character assassination employed in political warfare. In it, he takes a shot at bloggers and Internet users for their lack of perspective:
Nowhere is this worse than on the Web. People hide behind the anonymity of e-mails, of chat rooms, of venomous personal blogs kept by classic underachievers who have way too much time and way too little perspective, the ratty-bathrobe-and-black-socks set.

But his column ends with the paragraph:
The voters will hold Brown accountable, worry not about that. But who will do that to the students?

Yes, remember to hold your politicians and facebook quipping high school students accountable. That's some perspective.

My email to Brian is the first comment of this post. I bring up some of the points of my original post and address some of Brian's column.