Friday, October 09, 2009

The Suits Keep Paying

Another $100k+ settlement awarded for tasing:
A Spokane County reserve fund will pay some $112,000 to a man who was shocked three times with a Taser by a deputy during a traffic stop in 2005.

County commissioners approved a settlement this week with Spirit Creager, a painter who had sued the county for $5 million in 2006, saying he couldn't work or sleep for weeks after being jolted by sheriff's Deputy Chad Ruff.

The county's risk management reserve fund will also pay $25,000 to Creager's teenage son, who was in the truck shortly after midnight on Aug. 30, 2004, when it was stopped on Dartford Road. The son witnessed the altercation between Creager and deputies, causing emotional distress, according to the family's claim.