Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's Hope So

It looks like my friends to the north might actually see their government act to protect them from torture:
A retired justice who has been conducting an inquiry into the police use of Tasers is expected to call on police to severely restrict their use of the energy-conducted weapons.

Justice Thomas Braidwood's inquiry is looking into the circumstances of the October, 2007 death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski. The man, who spoke no English, died of cardiac arrest after being shocked five times by RCMP officers at Vancouver International Airport.

Braidwood's report, to be delivered Thursday afternoon (1 p.m. PT), will cover Phase One of the inquiry, which concerns the use of Tasers by police forces in B.C. The report will also be posted online at that time.

The news conference was unexpected, and announced only late Wednesday.

Sources tell CTV News Braidwood's recommendations will include severe restrictions on the use of Tasers by police in B.C.

The RCMP has stated previously that it would adopt Braidwood's recommendations nationwide.
Gotta love some civil rights!

Now let's see if the RCMP keeps its word. (h/t Truth Not Tasers)