Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tasing, Then Shooting A 5-lb Dog

Unbelievable. Two cops had this Chihuahua cornered. They then tased and shot (more here and a photo gallery here) the dog dead:
When the Bullocks returned home from a family member's funeral on Friday, they found blood and three bullets on their front porch – along with a note to call the Blue Ash Police Department about their dog.

The Bullocks were shocked to learn that Jack had gotten out of the backyard and two officers who tried to catch him, ended up shooting and killing him right on the family's front porch.

"He was cornered on the porch and scared," said Sharon Bullock. "The officer bent down bare-handed to pick up Jack, and Jack bit him."

"My five-year-old cried himself to sleep the night before last, wanting his dog," said Sharon Bullock. ...

They're wondering why the officers didn't call the SPCA to catch the dog.

"They didn't make that phone call other than to come scoop the dog off the porch after they shot him," said Scott Bullock. "Two grown men that can't gather up a five-pound dog – and they're trained police officers – sounds ridiculous to me."

That officer later explained to the family that he was following procedure.

Blue Ash police say one of the officers was bitten on both hands. One hand was bitten 17 times and the other was bitten nine times.

The dog was holding on so tight he left one of his teeth in the officer's hands.

An officer attempted to tase the dog while another officer was holding him, but it did not work, so they had to shoot the animal.

Blue Ash police say the officers handled the situation according to department policy.
It's good to know that this police department has a policy in place for handling dangerous miniature animals.

You also have to wonder why the ever-awesome taser couldn't get the job done here. Canadians are discovering astounding failure rates in older models of the devices. I'm sure the newer models were made with the same quality and durability standards (and that's not a good thing).