Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Psychic On The Board In Mobile?

I'm really sick of this meme: "If only a taser had been available, a life might have been saved."

A school board member in Mobile, Alabama must know something that those of us paying attention to all the dead tased people don't know:
The Mobile County School Board voted Monday night against allowing school security personnel to carry and use Tasers, even after receiving training.

The school board meeting began with two people speaking against the Taser proposal.

Carolyn May said, "I know we need discipline, fine. But I think we're overreacting and we're going too far."

Doris Edwards said, "You know the Taser can knock a man down. Now, what is it going to do to a child." ...

Board Member Reginald Crenshaw said, "I, too, support the weapons at night when children are not on campus to secure facilities. I do not support any type of weapon such as a gun or a Taser during the day when children are there."

Board Member Judy Stout spoke in favor of the proposal, and talked about the shooting death at Davidson High School last year.

Stout said, "I watched several times the video of the young man shooting himself at Davidson last year. Had there been a resource officer with a Taser, he (the victim) brandished the gun, he threatened, et cetera, that young man would be alive today.

The school board voted three to two against the proposal.

Voting against the Tasers were Manzie, Crenshaw, and Bill Meredith.

Stout and Ken Megginson voted for them.
Please Judy, tell it to Darryl Wayne Turner's family.