Thursday, June 04, 2009

More Expensive Tasing

$225,000 and a dead loved one in CO:
FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) - The family of a man who died after sheriff's deputies shocked him with a Taser will receive $225,000 to settle a lawsuit.

Larimer County decided to pay the family of Timothy Mathis instead of going to trial Monday. County Attorney George Hass told commissioners Tuesday the settlement prevents what could've been a costly trial.
$100,000 in NV:
Smith had thoughts of a multi-million dollar settlement. But he ended up being offered a $100,000 settlement two and a half years later by Tom Beko, attorney for the county's insurance carrier. Smith said he won't sign the offer. But Beko said Smith had agreed to the settlement offer in federal court but now wants to back out of it.

"I know he's really unhappy about it. This case was settled to resolve unbelievable legal costs in litigating this case," Beko said.

A motion has been filed to compel Smith to comply with the agreement, Beko said. Smith said the agreement, approved March 4 behind closed doors in federal court with Judge Brian Sandoval presiding, was only verbal.

"All the time I kept telling the judge what I wanted and he kept telling me there's only $100,000," Smith said. "They had me coerced into it."

Does that last bit mean that Smith would have been offered more had more funds been available? These devices are literally more trouble than they're worth.