Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More Outstanding Police Work

Is this how "tasers save lives everyday":
Two police officers are off the job after using a taser on a woman in her home. Now the State Law Enforcement Division is investigating. Police reports show Clinton Police were called to help paramedics, because a woman had become violent while EMS was trying to treat her at her home on Oak Street.

Her son tells News Channel 7, his 59-year old mother only weighs 120 pounds and was having a diabetic attack. The police report shows officers used the taser on her twice.

Her son claims officers did not offer to help her get medical treatment afterwards. Clinton Police say the two officers involved were let go for policy violations in reporting the incident.
More details here would be awesome oh local news outlet. However, it's probably safe to say that having these cops out of the field is a good thing. I'm hoping they at least face prosecution.

I'm also hoping that the diabetic taser victim will soon be a wealthy diabetic taser victim.