Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ontario: We'll Keep The Kiddy Tasing Option

From Canada:
TORONTO — The Ontario government is rejecting calls for a ban on the use of tasers on young people.

Irwin Elman, the province's advocate for children, is calling for a moratorium on using stun guns on minors, except in extreme circumstances.


Community Safety Minister Rick Bartolucci says he's heard from Mr. Elman but isn't prepared to act on his request.

Mr. Bartolucci says police officers should be able to use all the tools in their arsenal when dealing with a dangerous situation.

And he says age should not be a factor in deciding how to deal with an individual.

“That police officer should have all the tools necessary to ensure that he or she chooses a course of action that protects the individual, protects the public and protects the police officer — regardless of age,” Mr. Bartolucci said.

He also said the province is waiting on the results of a study into the use of tasers. [I'd love to know what study he's waiting for.]

“I'm not going to make a knee-jerk reaction to any individual case,” Mr. Bartolucci said. “I'm going to wait for the results of that study to come out and then we will determine whether or not there should be an expansion of the use of tasers or a reduction.”

I feel better knowing that these brave, brave police officers will have the option of using tasers to keep us safe from the great menace of unruly children.

I don't know about everyone else out there, but I don't quite see a commitment to not tase children as a "a knee-jerk reaction." It just seems kind of decent and sane.