Monday, December 29, 2008

People Who Shouldn't Be In Charge

Police officers and their bosses who just want citizens to shut up:
GLENS FALLS — Police used a Taser to subdue one of two men arrested after a shouting match at a junior varsity girls basketball game Friday night at Glens Falls High School.

"I guess one of them just wouldn't shut up," Sgt. Harold Morrison said of the incident.
Getting 50,000 volts for not shutting up when a cop wants you to, now THAT'S American. Right? Right? Land of the free, home of the brave, and all that...

A personal note to my family in the Glens Falls, NY area: Watch out for the police. I'd recommend not talking in the movies, not using your cell in an eatery, and not getting rowdy in a bar while having holiday cheer. In fact, just avoid being overly chatty in public. The Glens Falls police want you to be quiet!

Contact information for elected officials in Glens Falls is here.