Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Tasing Teens

I've just noticed two articles involving some big strong police officers tasing children.

The first incident comes from Wisconsin:
Eventually, the car, which had been stolen in Waupaca County a few hours earlier, was damaged so badly it stalled in the Waupun High School parking lot. The teens ran, but were soon caught. A Horicon officer chased the driver, 16, for several hundred yards, used a Taser on him and arrested him. The passenger, 14, was captured soon after by a Dodge County deputy.
The second occurred in Tennessee:
A verbal argument that started yesterday between two male students at Hixson High School ended today with the arrest of both. This morning the two students while in class became involved in an argument that resulted in the School Resource Officer being called to the classroom. He requested both students to stop the unruly behavior and while one complied with the request, the other did not.

The fourteen year old student refused to stop and became aggressive with Deputy Greg Carson who after repeated warnings, tazed the student. Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services was called to check the student as per policy.

Tasing a 14-year-old is so brave!