Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Taser Roundup: 2

Some noteworthy taser-related readings from the past day or so:
  • Excited Delirium has some advice for Taser International investors. It's a great read. I'd add that shareholders might also want to consider that when someone is tased, a medical exam, usually at a hospital (think dollar-signs there), is required. At some point, law enforcement agencies are going to have to consider the additional costs that accompanies tasing. You'd guess that would trickle up to Taser International.
  • Mesa, Arizona is purchasing 165 tasers, thereby arming all off its officers with the devices.
  • The Center City Commission of Memphis, Tennessee has approved a plan to hire private security, potentially armed with pepper-spray and tasers, to patrol for, and deter, panhandlers in the downtown area.
  • I've updated my post about a post-tasing death in CA. It turns out that the county coroner involved is also the sheriff. Gee, I wonder what the medical findings will be?
Also, I've removed the taser tag from my Google News feed on the right. I was seeing far too many pro-taser, non-news pieces listed.