Friday, January 18, 2008

Tasers Still Sucking

1. A man in Minnesota is dead following tasing by state troopers. The taser application happened after he crashed his car on his way to pick up his parents from the airport. Two officers in training were involved, but the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension isn't releasing full details pending investigation.

2. How does this fall under 'to protect and serve'? This is abuse of power. From Tasered While Black:
Tasering is out of Control. A number of police are using the weapon as a toy. Check out this incident when a Shreveport police assaulted a man and was suspended for 45 days. KTBS' Exclusive surveilance video shows Carnado Brown getting tased by a Shreveport police officer.

Click here to play video

A Shreveport police officer has been caught on camera tasing a man. Now that man wants justice.

Exclusive surveilance video shows of Carnado Brown getting tased by a Shreveport police officer.

Brown says he was working the door at Kokopelis' nightclub on July first. Police at first thought he was a customer trying to slip in, then Officer Ryan Robinson came out of the group and, without warning, tased him.

The video shows the officer look around to make sure fellow officers aren't watching. They weren't, but the camera was.

The police department suspended Robinson for 45 days, but no criminal charges were filed.