Thursday, November 29, 2007


There are a large number of websites and blogs devoted to self-improvement. I don't have a general judgment on the sites or the topic, but browsing the topic, via StumbleUpon, is fascinating. Once in a while, I stumble across somethings I agree with; usually, I don't.

I tend to run into advice given by self-proclaimed experts that comes in the form of rules for successful thinking. I'm not huge on people handing down rules for thinking. In my experience of observations (i.e., life), one of the worst features of men (and, that's purposefully gender specific) is how they react to people that don't think or act the way they do -- see sports, high school, fraternities, armies, religions, dictatorships, etc. Yesterday, I found a list I mostly like. It lists "rules," but I'm ignoring that. Like most of these lists, its page has a large number of ads.