Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deer, Dogs, And Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm not cooking this year; we're going out to dinner. It will be a nice change and, as much as I love cooking, less stressful (I haven't shopped for food) and less wasteful (there are only two of us). I'll probably make something Thanksgiving'y this weekend though.

Aside from wanting to cook, Thanksgiving also makes me want to be in the woods, surrounded by yellow and orange leaves and wearing a big, warm coat. I miss that feature of my area of origin, upstate NY. I used to see loads of deer around this time of year. To celebrate those remembrances, I'm posting some deer videos. They're playing with dogs. I picked them because I like deer and I like dogs. I've thrown in a puppy pic for good measure.

Happy Thanksgiving!