Thursday, July 12, 2007

Florida Republicans and Toilet Sex

(Florida Republican Robert Allen - arrested 7-11-07 for offering $20 to perform oral sex in a public restroom)

On July 4th, I read that the mayor of Fort Lauderdale is really, really worried about putting a lid on sex in public restrooms, a phenomenon the local police department says isn't really happening. Mayor Naugle wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per sex-free toilet. Talk about municipal waste.

Today, I see that Florida State Representative Robert "Bob" Allen (Republican - Merrit Island) has been arrested for soliciting oral sex from an undercover police officer in a public restroom. He was looking to provide fellatio. Thanks for the details local Fox News affiliate.

I just noticed that JoeMyGod has the goods on big Bobby Allen's push for pieces of legislature aimed at deterring lewd sexual conduct.

Another Republican closet case flushed away by hypocrisy.