Saturday, July 14, 2007

Brave Texas Zebra Hunter

(Joshua Romano)
What a dirtbag. He was in a car driving by a Texas animal farm, saw a zebra, and just had to shoot it:

An 18-year-old Red Oak man has been accused in the fatal drive-by shooting of a zebra named Zambi.

Zambi was fatally shot about 12:40 p.m. July 5 as he grazed in a pasture at HiView Farms located just outside Waxahachie, said Lt.Kevin Ketchum of the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office.

The owner of the farm, which is also home to camels, llamas and ring-tailed lemurs, was working outside when the shooting occurred, Lt. Ketchum said. No other animals were injured.

Joshua Romano was arrested Friday at his home and faces a charge of cruelty to animals.

Lt. Ketchum said that on the day of the shooting, Mr. Romano and four friends had gone swimming in a creek near the farm but had to leave because of the rain.

As they drove on Farrar Road, witnesses told authorities Mr. Romano pulled out a deer rifle and shot the zebra. The animal was valued at about $10,000, Lt. Ketchum said.

“The vehicle never stopped,” he said.

The passengers in the vehicle had tried to prevent the shooting, and the driver sped up to make the shooting more difficult, Lt. Ketchum said.

No drugs or alcohol appeared to be involved in the incident, authorities said.

Hm, not drunk or high, so he's just a natural a-hole.

When your redneck friends from the swimmin-hole try to stop you from shooting something, listen to them.