Thursday, April 05, 2007

More Liberal New York City

Morning schlock jocks (aka Stern imitators) at New York's FreeFM, formerly KRock, bring dropping the F-bomb to new lows:

"VJ", whose real name is Jeff Vandergrift, and "Elivs", Dan Lay, took umbrage at the remarks and then referred to the musician during the interview as "Fag Number 1"

At one point he was asked, "How many badges of honor do you have in your colon?"

During the interview it was revealed that the bassist considers himself bisexual.

He was eventually kicked out of the studio while being told that his "sexuality makes him a bitch."

The hosts also rated the band’s song poorly, calling it a "little faggy." ...

Robinson said that GLAAD called station Program Director, John Mainelli several times before reaching him.

At one point, Robinson said, a receptionist hung up on a GLAAD senior staff member and told him to "stop calling."

Eventually, Robinson said, Mainelli did call back, was unapologetic about the anti-gay tirade, defending the radio segment as "comedy."

Oh yeah, haha. That's friggin hilarious.