Friday, March 16, 2007

Have Ready Cash

The LGBT rights organization that doesn't have L, G, B, or T in its name should spend less money on executives, fancy digs, and black-tie champagne toasts and more money on grass roots efforts. From the NY Blade:

The Human Rights Campaign disclosed for the first time this week that the total cost for buying and renovating its headquarters building in Washington came to $26.4 million. HRC also paid a former executive director who left the organization in 2004 nearly $160,000 last year.
Yesterday, a protest of General Pace's homophobic remarks was held in Time Square. Larry Kramer, the executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force wasn't only there, he sat down in civil disobedience and got himself arrested. I doubt HRC president Joe Solmonese would be willing to attend such a protest let alone get his preened rump dirty on a NYC street.

It's nice that the HRC has a statement on the site recommending that we take action and demand an apology. I'm amazed that the title font is larger than that of the "Donate" link. Thanks HRC, I wouldn't have thought to call my elected officials or the DOD without you. That's some advocacy. Not one dime more from me.