Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gay Bashing in Hoboken

Another gay bashing in the oh so tolerent NYC area:

HOBOKEN - A man was followed off a PATH train by two men and brutally beaten in what cops are calling an antigay bias attack.

Police said the incident started on a PATH train at 4:30 a.m. Friday, when two men started taunting a 21-year-old Bayonne man for wearing pink pants. ...

When the train pulled into the Hoboken station, the two men followed the Bayonne man off the train and up the stairs, then attacked him near a newsstand on the concourse in Hoboken Terminal, police said.

The man required 12 stitches to close facial wounds, police said, adding that he also had a black eye and was temporarily blinded in one eye.

Using video shot from security cameras, police were able to identify Hoboken High School student Andy Rivera, 19, of Marshall Drive.

He was brought to the police station for questioning and arrested Tuesday at 2 p.m.
on charges of bias intimidation and aggravated assault.

(h/t Matt at Pam's Place)