Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rudy on Tsunamis, for a Fee

Presidential hopeful and wouldn't hesitant to appoint anti-choice judges, Rudy Giuliani, gets quite a fee for speaking; even when it's for charity:
While charging speaking fees is a regular practice for expert and celebrity speakers, some are criticizing Giuliani for collecting speaking fees from charities. CNN reports on one appearance at a 2005 tsunami fundraiser for which Giuliani received $100,000, and also mentions a contract stipulation that the former New York City mayor be given the use of a "private aircraft -- must be a Gulfstream 4 or bigger."

Per megalomedia usual, a brilliant "political analyst" weighs in with deep thoughts:
One political analyst tells CNN, "He's a presidential candiate[sic], everything he's done in the past is gonna come into scrutiny."