Monday, February 19, 2007

Redeemable Straight White Guys?
After reading Jonathan's post, I can almost believe in such a mythical creature:
Arthur Silber has a post here well worth reading on the dynamics of straight white male-ism. As a charter member of said group, I can say it's taken quite a while for me to realize that all those criticisms made of us, including the nice liberal straight white male subgroup to which I belong...all those criticisms that made me defensive and caused my brain to freeze up...all those criticisms turn out to be...accurate. The interesting thing to me is, while I had to completely reconstruct my personality in order to perceive this, I'm now much more relaxed, much less guilt-ridden, and generally much happier. I recommend this total personality reconstruction to anyone.

PostBlog: The Silber post linked above is really worth a read:
When you strip away all the verbiage, all the intellectual tap dancing, and all the efforts to "understand" and be "tolerant," that is the inescapable, the terrible bottom line: many of you think we are Freaks. Speaking for myself with regard to these issues, I don't want you to "understand" me or to be "tolerant" of me. I don't want you to "study" me, and try to graph all the various points of similarity and difference between us: I want you to recognize that I am completely and entirely a human being, just as you are. And I want you to understand fully what that means, and to genuinely mean it.