Friday, December 08, 2006

Iraqi Death Squads Targeting Gays
Is this what operation Iraqi Freedom is all about? Is this what our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died for? From the link:
Five gay activists were abducted at gun-point by Iraqi police in Baghdad on 9 November. Nothing has been heard of them since then, Outrage said. It is feared they may have been murdered by death squads operating under the cover of the Iraqi police. ...
Earlier, in June this year, extreme lslamist[sic] death squads burst into the home of two lesbians in the city of Najaf. They were shot and killed, their throats slashed and a young child the women had rescued from the sex trade was also killed Hili said.
The two women, both in their mid-30s, were members of Iraqi LGBT and had been providing a safe house for gay men on the run from death squads.
Gays are not the only targets. The death squads are enforcing a harsh interpretation of Sharia law, summarily executing people for listening to western pop music, wearing shorts or jeans, drinking alcohol, selling videos, working in a barber shop, dancing, having a Sunni name, adultery and, in the case of women, not being veiled or walking in the street unaccompanied by a male relative.

That's some freedom on the march. The Iraqi LGBT blog has more.