Sunday, July 16, 2006

Creepy Apartment Brokers in NYC

Somewhere between the level of the ranting of FauxNews talking heads and the kill em all mentality on the Yahoo News messages boards lives the level of discourse that occurs on Craig's List
NYC housing forum. The brokers and broker wannabees tend to dominate the discussions.

As someone renting in NYC (and thinking of moving), I started to read the forum to get ideas about housing in NYC. I used CList to find a roommate in SF. It was an easy and quick experience.

The comments in the NYC section are alarming. The brokers' comments there demonstrate nothing but contempt for renters. That's a bit scary since having to deal with a broker when finding a residence in NYC is a real possibility.

This is currently what's being discussed in the housing forum. Lovely. And I'm supposed to trust these types to help me find housing (and then give them 15% of the first year's rent)?

Please, the day will come when NYC wakes up, realizes their mistake in electing white male republican mayors, and elects officials who will lobby to get rent control control out of Albany and back to NYC where it belongs. Then housing in NYC can start to become fair for everyone.

In the meantime. I'm trying to stay as informed as possible. seems like a decent site for real information. The other thing I'm doing is playing the stats to minimize contact with shysters. If I have to deal with a broker for any reason, I am going to avoid ones fitting the profile:

straight, white, male, age<70.