Saturday, March 15, 2008

This Blog Has Flown

I'm not implying that my blog didn't put out for me and now, in a disinterested bit of cold revenge, I'm setting it, my computer, or the internets, on fire. I'm not making a misogynistic statement about my blog's sexuality because it didn't satisfy me in some way either. I just liked the title. "A Farewell to Blogs" didn't really fit and seemed a tad too grandiose (although this is blogging I'm writing about). "As I Lay Blogging" would have been just plain silly.

I've had some fun with this blog. I've had frustration too. I've written fast and furious about tasers and, to a lesser extent, LGBT issues.

I began blogging sometime back before 2003. I had a website made in FrontPage and hosted at Earthlink/Mindspring. That site died with a computer crash, lost forever. Maybe some of it remains somewhere in the great Google cache. I'm not sure. I've never looked.

There's really only one thing I can say to summarize my blogging experience: It's frustrating in an unsatisfying way.

I can't spend the time I'd like constructing posts. I have a full life outside of the blogosphere. In writing for science, I can spend the time and resources it takes me to write some I feel comfortable with. With blogging, by the time I feel like I've written something compelling or worth reading, the topic is long gone from the blogosphere consciousness.

I can write under a deadline, so it's not completely a time issue. It's just that when I write a post for my blog, I feel more rushed and frustrated rather then rushed and excited. I'm typically disappointed with whatever I've written.

It's occurred to me over the past few months that I've always felt this way about blogging and that I'm free to throw myself into more satisfying pursuits. I don't feel badly about that realization or my time spent blogging. It's a good thing to try something. For me, that's true even when I spend a longish time trying that something and ultimately realize that I'm not so into it.

Who knows? I might find a renewed interest in blogging. Mostly though, I want to focus on my offline life. I want to read. I want to write. I want to take in the people in my life more fully. I want to invest myself more in science. I have to admit that blogging has been, albeit a small one, a distraction from those things.

Thanks to anyone who's left me a comment or sent me an email. Be well.