Friday, March 07, 2008

Iranian LGBT's Face Death

It's as simple as the title of this post. When religious men completely control a government and impose their fairytale-based beliefs on a country, minorities inevitably suffer. Two Iranians likely face death if they are returned to Iran.

The case of
Mehdi Kazemi:
A gay teenager who sought sanctuary in Britain when his boyfriend was executed in Iran is battling authorities who want to return him to his home country.

Mehdi Kazemi, 19, came to London to study English in 2005 but later discovered that his boyfriend had been arrested by the Iranian police, charged with sodomy and hanged.

The case of Pegah Emambakhsh:

An Iranian lesbian who fled to Britain after her girlfriend was arrested and sentenced to death faces being forcibly returned after losing the latest round in her battle to be granted asylum.