Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Same Old Same Old

It's Super Tuesday, the day that could decide which candidate gets the presidential nomination for both parties. Also, it might not.

I'm not extremely excited about Clinton or Obama; neither openly support marriage equality. That position alone means I'm not someone they see, or feel they can afford to see, as worthy of having the rights that my straight neighbor has.

A Democrat controlled Senate isn't preventing passage of things like bills providing immunity for telecoms that spy on Americans. So, I'm not expecting much from a Dem in the White House.

I really hope I'm wrong because it's very likely that the next president will help determine the makeup of the Supreme Court. That will have a direct impact on how legitimate a human I am in the eyes of American law.

Make no mistake. Getting a Democrat elected president is important to prevent the disaster that would be a McCain or Romney determined Supreme Court (Goodbye marriage equality, hello sodomy laws.).
But I can't imagine Clinton or Obama nominating a legitimate progressive for the court.

Given that and the caving that Democrats are doing in Congress, I feel like I'm casting my vote to maintain status quo and avert disaster rather than voting for change. Is it important? Extremely. Is it inspiring? Hardly. Is it more of the same for LGBT people? Absolutely.