Monday, February 04, 2008

Florida AAA Refuses Gay Couples Discounts

The Florida AAA refuses to extend the discounts they offer heterosexual couples to same-sex couples:
A policy for a married man allows him to have his wife on the membership at half-price.

In Florida, a gay man and his partner must both pay full price.

"They do not offer a policy for homosexuals. If I were married I'd be able to do it, but since I'm gay I can't," the man says.

The Florida policy has been in place for some time and AAA says a domestic partner is not a spouse.

"What is a spouse as defined by your policy?" asks Holmes.

"We use the Florida law spouse which describes a husband and wife, and it's a man and a woman," says Florida AAA Vice President John Imming.

The Florida policy is also contrary to the benefits offered by many other states.

From liberal California to the wilds of Texas, from the remote Dakotas to Hawaii, most states allow gays to have their domestic partner on their membership at a reduced rate.

"Other clubs are free to make their decisions based on the needs of their area," says Imming.

Note to News Channel 5 WPTV: your use of "homosexual" in the above quoted article is creepy.