Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Unbiased Media

Does the "liberal media" include Chris Matthews of MSNBC gushing over John McCain after Bush's SOTU address? From Media Matters:

MATTHEWS: Let's go to Senator John McCain, Republican presidential -- there he is! Senator McCain, you know you're in my heart! I have to tell you the president gave your speech tonight.


McCAIN: I know that pundits like you and [MSNBC host] Keith [Olbermann] were making different predictions about who was going to win about a month ago, not only on the Democratic side, but on our side as well. So, I think a lot of things can happen between now and a week from now or even -- so, I just think --


McCAIN: -- things are very unsettled. I think a lot of Americans are undecided.

MATTHEWS: Well, you show a lot of courage out there, Senator. Thank you very much for coming on tonight. And by the way, we have our jobs, too. Our job is to predict what's --

McCAIN: I know you do. Tell Keith.

MATTHEWS: -- going to happen tomorrow night and we can't do it very well, but we do like doing it.

The Media Matters link contains nine more examples of Matthews promoting John McCain.