Monday, January 14, 2008

A Reminder

Lest we forget, Adam Sandler, who stumped for Rudy back in 2007, is still, in fact, a dick:
And Republican presidential candidates got a few donations as well: singer Pat Boone donated to Mitt Romney and former candidate Sam Brownback, producer Jerry Bruckheimer contributed to John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani got money from Kelsey Grammer, Adam Sandler and Ben Stein. [a full list of celebrities is here.]
In addition to Bruckheimer, Boone, and Grammer, another celebrity joins un-funny man Sandler in his dickery:
Actor and Academy Award winner Jon Voight joins Robert Duvall and Adam Sandler as the latest celebrity to support Rudy Giuliani’s run for president. ...

“His commitment to keeping our military strong and his track record of transforming New York makes him the right man at the right time for our country.”
Is Voight referring to Rudy placing the emergency command center in the World Trader Center after the first World Trade Center bombing or that his administration failed to get first responders updated radios that would have saved lives on 9/11 (you know the event that Rudy loooooves to mention on the campaign trail (or see here, here, here, and here)?

Oh, Oh, Oh, on my TV right now Republican Representative from Long Island, Pete King, is on my teevee (Fox5 News, it's so tawdry) telling me that once Rudy wins Florida, he'll be the front-runner for the GOP. He also says that Rudy's the winner, because no one else has. Bwahahaha!

Back to Sandler, this weekend I saw a trailer for an upcoming film in which Sandler plays a former Israeli commando turned hairstylist. The racist and xenophobic stereotypes abound, as does the gender stereotyping (i.e., look at the big tough guy doing something that a woman would normally do, now that's funny!).

It looks like Adam's transitioned from making fun of gay people to making fun of the Arab-Israeli conflict, or something.