Monday, December 31, 2007

Year End Round Up

Lots of top N lists are going around this week. I don't really feel like putting one of those together. It takes me forever to write anything. I doubt I'd be done before the end of 2007. Also, I was hit by a car today, so I get a bit of a break. What I've done is put together a random list of 2007 lists I've read. In no relevant order, here is a list of 2007 lists:
  • Ever awesome Pam, who's recovering from surgery, has a post up asking visitors what they think the top stories of 2007 were for her site.
  • As I previously wrote, Jon Swift has an amazing best blog posts of 2007 list. He worked hard on it. Go read it.
  • Bilerico has a well-rounded LGBT top 10 list.
  • On a local front, Express Gay News Online takes a stab at Florida's top 10 2007 LGBT stories (Florida had plenty of scandals this year!).
  • 365gay has a top 10 LGBT 2007 news list worth reading.
  • Project Censored has an anti-list that names the 25 most over looked stories of the year.
  • Wired lists the top 10 new organisms of 2007. It's pop-science that's more pop than science.
  • Science magazine lists diversity of the human genome as the discovery of 2007, while Nature names research that derived pluripotent stems cells derived from epithelial cells as the 2007's most significant work.
  • and finally, DSFanboy has a list of 2007's top Nintendo DS games. I think. The list also has something to do with the internet cat phenomenon. It's confusing, but there are lots of pictures.
There, I've done my list for the year. Go away now.