Thursday, December 27, 2007


I usually wouldn't recommend spending money on high-end tea. When I have, I haven't noticed a marked difference from cheaper teas. For example, Trader Joe's has some great teas at reasonable prices. You could easily spend an order of magnitude more on tea and not notice a difference.

I'm about to blog about an exception to that rule.

Stuart gave me a very cool teapot for Christmas (Or, as we call it in our homosexual liberal household, "Homo Happy Holidmas."). It's
a Bodum assam teapress. With it, he gave me two loose teas from The Tea Stop. The first is China Spring Blossom Pekoe, a green tea with mellow sweet notes. The second, Formosa Tung Ting Jade, is an Oolong with just the slightest tang. They are both really, really good and even blend well together (Yeah, that's heresy, but too bad, it's my tea now.).

The teapress looks like this:

(picture from