Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Cynical Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It's going to be sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit here in NYC. The parade just started. I have it on the teevee. Before the parade, NBC ran an audio montage of people giving thanks. I guess the people phoned in or something; I always wonder where these shows get their everyday people.

After the montage, Matt Lauer came on with experts to tell me how good it is to be thankful. He also said that hardship is character building, that gratitude following hardship is a very powerful thing. I wonder if Matt knows how annoying it is for a really, really, really rich straight famous white guy to lecture on finding strength through strife.

I just watched one of the musical numbers. The stands behind the performers, outside of the parade headquarters at Macy's, were filled with people. White people, with a few seats reserved for military personnel. Before the musical number, Matt told me how expensive real estate in that neighborhood is. Thanks Matt for letting me know that I can't afford to live in an area where you could easily afford a second or third crash-pad. You're a pal.

Currently, Bob Saget is in a helicopter doing a comedic fly-over of the parade. Jesus Christ. Am I live blogging the telecast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

I like seeing the parade though, and I do like Thanksgiving. I'm watching Al Roker interview the cast of Heroes. I'm enough of a geek to be calmed by such things. Damn, I'm still live blogging.

Ok. That's enough of that.

What are my suggestions for the holiday (Just to demonstrate that I haven't been completely devoured by my personal backlash against Manhattan's rich tradition of 'haves' versus 'have-nots.')? Do something nice for someone you don't know; take a quiet moment to think of three things that make you thankful; and, if you can, have dinner with people, and pets, you love.

Oh, and Chris Maloney is still really, really hot.