Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Dog Brushing

It's incredibly warm here in NYC. The big furry dog (Lady, not Stuart, though he feels the same way) and I are ready for some cooler Fall weather. Thinking there'd be a breeze, we went down by the river for our morning walk. It was pretty much just warm and sunny.

Still, it was nice. We found a bit of shade to sit in while I brushed her. Bucket loads of people are out taking in the day. Of course I took some photos. I thought I had some nice scenery shots (well, nice for a point and shoot), but my lens is dusty and I won't be posting them :(

Before the brushing:

A couple of me photographing me brushing the dog:

The hair of the dog:

Post brushing and tired of photos:

I asked her where her friend Moose was:

We were attacked by pigeons:

It was warm enough that she didn't really care:

One of me from the other week in Battery Park City. No special reason for posting it other than forgetting to that week.