Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Dump

- Anthony Fortunato has been found guilty of manslaughter as a hate crime in the death of Michael Sandy. Sandy was targeted for being gay. Fortunato came out of the closet during his trial, claiming that a gay person wouldn't target another gay person for a crime. Right, closeted gay people don't ever attack their own. Closeted gay on gay violence is one of the ugly products of a homophobic culture and the closet.

- Congrats to Al Gore and the UN Panel on Climate Change for winning the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. That was nice news to wake up to. Speaking of the environment, glaciers as disappearing from Glacier National Park.

- Europe starts to get it right on creationism.

- News findings indicate that a) abortion has dropped worldwide due to increased birth control and b) women in countries that outlaw abortion are just as likely to have the procedure as women in countries where it's legal.

- Expensive running shoes aren't better than lower priced ones. It's the fit that counts. Interestingly, this story is all over the UK and Australian press but, so far, getting skimpy coverage here. Maybe that will change as the day goes on.

- Biotech company Genentech makes two drugs that doctors are using to treat macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, Avastin (~$38/dose) and the more expensive Lucentis ($1,950/dose). Doctors have been using Avastin "off label," it's a cancer drug and not approved for ocular disorders. But, the drugs are very similar chemically and doctors have reported promising anecdotal results with Avastin after two years of use. Genentech has decided to cut off the supply chain for Avastin. Gee, I wonder why?

- Oh, and Ann Coulter would like Jews to perfected by becoming xtians. She also thinks that heaven is NYC during the 2004 RNC. Very odd.