Sunday, September 30, 2007

More On Hate Crime Against Students And Coaches

This is an update to an earlier post about a Manhattan Community College basketball team and their coaches. They were attacked and robbed while being called racial epithets and at least one of them was arrested when the police arrived.

I just found this article stating that the NYPD hate crimes unit will investigate the case. To be honest, the article is confusing. It states that Commissioner Kelly announced the investigation, but it also includes this quote from him:

"I'm told at no time did either side make any statements concerning race, as far as it being racially motivated," Kelly said.

"What we have done as a result of the [Daily News] article written today is engage our hate crimes task force to do an investigation of this matter."

This is the NYDailyNews article Kelly refers to. It's worth a read.

What does Kelly mean that no one made any statements concerning race? That's staggering. I'm emailing the authors of this story and the original story (both at the NYDailyNews) and asking for more information.