Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Iranian President Ahmadinejad On Gay People

The penalty for two men having sex in Iran is death (warning: some violent pictures). LGBT face death or imprisonment in many places. Some of these include Bush allies such as Saudi Arabia and economic hot spots like the UAE (Dubai).

Still, none of this is suitable pre-text for invading Iran. We're worlds away from from even minimal international sanctions on places that torture, imprison, or kill LGBT people and other minorities. If "human rights" is included in the list of reasons for a Bush-led attack on Iran... Sadly, there is no "then" to that "if." It will simply be another grand lie in a march to another war for profit.

The sequel (Or is it part three or four, I can't count anymore?) to "Git yer war on" is being advertised on the teevee (also here, and here). I'm sure there's a sizable portion portion of our country ready for blood (see Bush's twenty-percenters) and another sizable portion of moderate males (see undecided voters, independents, libertarians, daddy-clingers, etc.) who will reluctantly embrace action against what their media tells them is a great threat (it's not).