Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Comic Wednesday

It's new comic day. I'll trek down to Midtown Comics later and sift through the new offerings. World War Hulk has been less than stellar. After the end of Civil War, I wasn't really expecting much anyway.

DC's Countdown is a good weekly, not quite as good as 52, but pretty darn good. Countdown to Mystery No. 1 was also good last week. It's got a great twist on Kent Nelson, or maybe a new Kent, as Dr. Fate. Maybe the helmet has a good home again. Maybe it will get its own universe again too, but I doubt that one. Just please don't turn it into a knife again. That was really dumb.

Oh, and it's way to hot here for the end of September. It's almost 90F. Ugh. I can't wait for the cold weather.

Also, here is a good page on introductory statistics. It covers the basics like mean and median.