Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vet Saves Dog Shot With Arrow

How could you not want to save this face:

From the article:

“I could tell from where (the arrow) was, it was right by her spinal cord in the back (and) that it was pretty serious and pretty deep. If the arrow was off a millimeter in any direction, it would have killed her,” he said.

Myers said he did not think she'd live. He said her injuries were so bad, he considered euthanizing her.

But, he said, the injured dog’s eyes spoke to him and he heard her.

“You could tell she was innocent. Obviously somebody was very cruel to her and she just looked at you like, 'Fix me.' I just couldn't do it,” he said.

Myers said the surgery went fine and that his attention is turning to getting the person responsible. He thinks the shooter was an adult.

"The aim is perfect. I mean, it was like someone who hunts, they were going directly for her heart through her back," Myers said.

Myers will keep her for observation for at least 10 more days then she’ll be ready for adoption.

For information about adopting the puppy [she's 18-24 months] or others, call Allison at Miss Alli’s Rescue in Portland at 615-268-4275 or visit Miss Alli’s Rescue Web site.

More photos are here.