Sunday, August 26, 2007

Reason 6357 Why Religious Beliefs Shouldn't Determine Law

A mob gathers and tries to lynch men convicted of violating Islamic law:

(Lagos) A mob attempted to break into a prison in northern Nigeria on Saturday and lynch 18 men awaiting sentencing on morals charges that state controlled NAN news agency reports.

On prison official was injured as guards fended off the angry crowd.

Sentences for the 18 were to have been handed down last week by a Sharia court in the Moslem state of Bauchi.

They were arrested wearing women's clothing at a hotel where police say they had gathered for the wedding "of two men". An attorney for the men said they were at the hotel for a "graduation party".

The 18 were convicted of sodomy earlier this month but last week the judge reduced that violating Islamic law by dressing in female garb when it could not be proved any sex had occurred.

Sodomy carries a maximum sentence of death.

Nigeria is currently pushing forward legislation that prevents more than two LGBT people from gathering.

This isn't just an Islamic thing by any stretch. It has the full support of Nigeria's Anglican church and bishop Peter Akinola. Conservative Anglicans in the US strongly support Akinola.

Nigeria is a place where two religions have come together and, hand-in-hand, done their best to make the country a deadly place for LGBT people.