Friday, August 17, 2007

Budgeting Batman

"Middle class Batman," by Mike Mitchell(click for larger). I like this. This is a Batman I'd read (well, read more than I do). DC's Bruce Wayne is a rich, angry, straight, white-guy; I've never been a huge fan. He follows Superman's impossibly good paradigm but in a dark way. What is that anyway? What does he have to be so angry about? Anyway, there's more interesting artwork at the link.

I found this via another site I StumbledUpon (not going to link it). At that site, people were arguing over the picture, swearing about banner ads, behaving like Trekkies by hypothesizing what weapons and gear a middle class Batman might carry (this is the most forgivable in this geeks opinion), and
screaming censorship for comments that vanished during a server change.

While, I'm on the comments censorship thing... Anyone remember The Lawnmower Man? There's a line in it, "I'm god in here."

Oh, and it's Friday :) I have tons of studying and writing to do this weekend, but I hope to get a couple of good runs and workouts in. I've been better about that lately. I haven't blogged about running in a while. Maybe I'll carry my point and shoot camera with me so I can gather some interesting material to run-blog.

God, it's time to end this wandering post!